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INFORMATION  PROTECTION                                                              

Flowers Gordon has a secure site and all information enterd by you is properly secured by standard

PCI DSS (Paymenn Card Industry Data Security Standard ) service in its server/    

It is international standard was written as a project of international credit card companies required from all providers of credit card clearing services to meet the high level of security uniform.This standard required high level ofsecurity for information sysnems,which reserved the credit card details.Therefore the site Flowers Gordon is fully protected by newest technology used for information security and credit card information.                                          

YOUR  PRIVACY                                                                             

Flowers Gordon are really respected your discretion,anonymity and importance of their customer and club members ,who give their details, privacy.Glub membership is the most convenient way to purchase flowers in our shop.With the opening of club membership account you will receive a username and password which will serve you in actual and future visiting of our site and which will save your having to enter your details every  time.              

Information needed to become Flowers Gordon club member is: your name,telephone number,address,e-mail,zip code and date of birth.All you have to do is fill properly your personal details only once.After entering your user name and password your entrance to our web site will be done automatically and will making your purchace process a pleasant experience.All information entered by you serves to ensure the prompt and effective treatment of your order only and to introduce and know you deaper for our future relationship and also to inform you  about our special promotions and offers.                         

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