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יקותיאל (יעקב) טוסייקותיאל (יעקב) טוסי

Yekutiel (Jacob) Tosi


Gordons Flowers Shop is located ,however,in Tel-Aviv,but provides flower delivery service to all parts of our country and for many other countriesin the world.The store is established at the early beginning of our countre and over the years is provided its service to wellknown families of Israeli leaders like Ben-Gurion,Dayan fbd Rabin,social and bohemian known persons  and,of course,to everyone.

FLORIST WITH AN AGENDA                                                      

During more than 50 years of activity,has becomed Gordons awellknown brand that its name is always going forward,and all this is thanking to the quality of flowers, quick and reliable delivery and uncompromising  service for all our customers in the country and abroad.   

Professionalism,creativity,kindness and responsibility are our milestones in our service,that always accompanied our activities throughout.                                                                                

IN   VIRTUALITY  AS IN  REALITY                                                

Computerized era we live in allowed us to set up a virtual florist service designed to facilitate our customers without any compromising in quality,reliability and service.Site exists a large selection of flower bouquets,wide range of plants –house and room décor and office artificial greenery -  and all it on affordable price.The store works also on the "do it by yourself"  method that allows to assemble the bouquet of flowers as desired from the existing selection in an easy,convenient and simple line.                                                                                                            


We provide flowers delivery service to the hotels,halls,insurance agents,government institutions,companies and offices regulary and on monthly payment arrangement.It is possible to purchase a monthly  subscription with very best price.So when you are looking in all when it comes to quality,service and warranty –Flowers Gordon in Tel-Aviv is address for you. 


. For more information about us you are wtlcomed to contact us by telephone

1-800-20-40-80 or to visit our site and we"ll be happy to assist you. 

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